Our Commitment

Usingini was originally established as a coffee growing village in the early 50s, sadly over the years the dream slowly died and coffee trees chopped down to make room for crops with quicker returns such as tobacco and maize. Sadly, most were unsuccessful, the land was left bare for decades and the community left with little to no economic opportunities.
We started our coffee farm with the mission to bring back the lost glory of our village and establish Malawi as a top coffee growing country. We envision producing quality coffee that is enjoyed throughout the world and building a business that will create wealth for not only ourselves but our communities for generations to come.
We strive to foster a sustainable and socially responsible coffee supply chain that promotes environmental conservation, supports smallholder farmers, restores indigenous flora, and empowers women. Through comprehensive impact assessments, agricultural support, restoration initiatives, and stringent safe guarding practices, we aim to achieve aharmonious balance between economic prosperity, social well-being, and environmental stewardship along the entire coffee supply chain.This way we will strive to contribute towards the following sustainable development goals (SDGs):

Our SDG's

SDG5 : Gender Equality

- Our focus on empowering women aligns with this goal, our efforts focus on promoting women's leadership, providing equal opportunities, and addressing gender-based discrimination and violence.

SDG8 : Decent Work and Economic Growth

By fostering a socially responsible coffee supply chain, we contribute to sustainable economic growth and decent work for all. This includes fair wages, safe working conditions, and opportunities for skills development.

SDG12 : Responsible Consumption and Production

We focus on sustainability and aim to achieve a balance between economic prosperity and environmental stewardship aligning with this goal.

SDG13 : Climate Action

Efforts to promote environmental conservation and restore indigenous flora can help mitigate climate change impacts. Our efforts such as working with the community and out growing farmers to plant trees such as bananas and pine that provide the community with alternative sources of income and in turn protect indigenous flora from harmful practices.

SDG15: Life on Land

The restoration of indigenous flora and environmental conservation efforts directly support this goal, which aims to protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, halt biodiversity loss, and prevent land degradation.