Meet Our Team

Lizzie Msowoya-Kuntambila


Dr Lizzie Msowoya-Kuntambila is a highly motivated medical doctor and accomplished leader with a passion for public health, patient care, and entrepreneurship. With extensive experience inclinical research and managing health systems, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities throughout her career.

Dr. Lizzie has held significant positions such as District Medical Officer and President of the Lions Club of Kasungu, where she successfully managed hospital operations, supervised staff, and implemented effective training programs. She has actively pursued professional development and leadership opportunities, participating in trainings such as the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) fellowship, Strategic Innovation for Community Health Program (STICH) and Academy for women Entrepreneurs (AWE). In addition to her medical expertise, Dr. Lizzie is a young entrepreneur with a strong track record in agribusiness.

She founded and operates Kwangwala Farms, a venture focused on delivering quality and diverse produce to consumers. Through her entrepreneurial endeavors, she combines her knowledge of agricultural operations, supply chain management, and commitment to sustainable farming practices. Dr. Lizzie's exceptional leadership, dedication to professional growth, and entrepreneurial spirit make her avaluable asset in both the medical and business fields.

Tawonga Msowoya

Gender equality
and social inclusion

Tawonga Msowoya is a dynamic young professional and accomplished leader with an unwavering commitment to advancing gender equality, social inclusion, and women's rights. With her extensive experience in program management as the Programs Manager at Tingathe and the Coordinator for the Pepeta Malawi platform, she has demonstrated her leadership skills by effectively managing organizational programs, overseeing project budgets, and driving the integration of intersectional and gender-responsive policies at both programmatic andoperational levels.

Tawonga's advocacy work has made significant contributions at national and regional levels, as she has represented her organizations, created platforms for the advancement of women’s solidarity and sexual and reproductive rights and championed the inclusion of gender and social inclusion principles in program design, operations, and policies.

As a passionate advocate for change, Tawonga has participated in prestigious national and international leadership fellowships, including the Mandela Washington Fellowship, the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), and the Ashoka Changemaker's Exchange. Tawonga's dedication to empowering women and marginalized communities is palpable and her unwavering passion drives her dedication to positive social transformation.

Cyrus Msowoya


Cyrus Msowoya is a highly experienced finance expert with over 30 years of professional experience. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy) and a Diploma in Business Studies, both obtained with credit. As a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Accountants (FCCA) and a Chartered Accountant (CA) in Malawi, he has showcasedhis expertise in various finance roles.

Mr. Msowoya has excelled in financial management, accounting, and company secretarial duties in organizations such as G4S Malawi Limited, Packaging Industries Malawi Limited, and Mobil Oil Malawi Limited.

He is skilled in preparing management accounts, budgets, statutory accounts, and reports. With his exceptional financial acumen, leadershipabilities, and meticulous attention to detail, Mr. Msowoya has established himself as a seasoned finance expert capable of driving financial success.